Four expectant mothers and one father find themselves in a small hospital room awaiting the midwife who is to give them their first Parentcraft class. Differences in experience, outlook and class lead to hilarious exchanges, as each of the five have to face, and come to terms with, the prejudices and foibles of their companions.

Amy Cuenca, Gareth Evans, Sarah Wyatt, Vicki Gale, Pippa Simons

Over his dead body

Deborah’s one night stand lies dead in her bed. Miss Johnson who lives above her comes down because she thinks she saw a prowler and she has phoned the police. Deborah asks her friend Sharon to come round, who then identifies the body as the Minister for Sport. They decide to dispose of the body and that is when the problems really start to occur………

Nick King, Sally Grey, Neville Greenhalgh, Emily Watt, Becky Sprunt, Jane Cole, Lloyd Parfitt