Barbara Bridges – Jo-Ann Breault
Eileen Eldridge – Becky Sprunt
Shirley Shilton – Rachel Woodier
Doreen Dashwood – Vicki Gale
Alison Andrews – Kate Rowe
Georgina James – Emily Watt
Thelma Theakston – Sally Gray
Philippa Forbes – Sian Taylor
Myra Middleton – Caroline Frosdick
Celia Parry – Kim Mills
Doctor Piles – Neville Greenhalgh
Inspector Churchill – Robert Taylor
Constables – Josh Hamer & Andy Gray

Director – Sarah Wright assisted by Lloyd Parfitt
Wardrobe – Matt Bell
Lighting and Sound – Chris & Jonathan Thrower assisted by Wendy Howes
Stage Manager – Phil Emery assisted by Paul Baxter
Props – Josh Hamer
Front of House – David & Jean Neale, Kim Spinks, Matt Bell, Matt Molloy and members of Players