George Crum – Neville Greenhalgh
Mrs Crum – Kate Timson
Bob Wheeler – Josh Hamer
Noreen Somers – Rachel Woodier
Arthur Somers – Barry Foster
Mrs Gunner – Vicki Gale
Percy Gunner – Lewis Cook
Beauty – Sarah Wyatt
Inspector Foley – Tony Press
Beach Attendant – Steve Bussey
Young Man – Lloyd Parfitt
Big Sister – Rebecca Molloy
Jane – Jo Beth Garbould

Director – Sarah Wright
Assistant Directors – Marie Stevenson, Lloyd Parfitt, Katherine Rowe
Prompt – Marie Stevenson
Stage Manager – Jeremy Lightowler
Set construction – Jeremy Lightowler
Set Design – Colin Wilson
Props Maker – Chris Thrower
Lights and Sound – Chris and Jonathan Thrower
Costume – Kim Spinks
Front of House – Barry and Sandra Butler