Welcome to Monument House as members of the Tomb family, their servants, their solicitor, a mysterious writer and her secretary gather for the reading of the will of the late Septimus Tomb. Family harmony is in short supply and as time progresses the beneficiaries seem to be depleting rapidly but who has murder in mind?

CAST (in order of appearance)
Hamilton Penworthy – Barry Foster
Lucien Tomb – Neville Greenhalgh
Dora Tomb – Jennie Talbot
Emily Tomb – Tracy Anderson
Marcus Tomb – Josh Hamer
Anne Franklin – Sarah Wyatt
Agatha Hammond – Vicki Gale
Ermyntrude Ash – Sandra Butler
Peregrine Potter – Lewis Cook
Monica Tomb – Rebecca Molloy

Director – Sarah Wright
Stage Manager – Lloyd Parfitt
Set construction – Chris Thrower & David Dack
Set Design & Painting – Colin Wilson & Irene Dack
Props – Rachel Woodier, Becky Sprunt
Assistant Props Maker – Ben Woodier
Light and Sound – Chris and Jonathan Thrower
Costume – Caroline and Sarah Reynolds
Prompt – Sarah Reynolds
Front of House – Barry Butler and Team