It’s Christmas Eve, and things in the Bunker household are rapidly falling apart. Belinda is rushing around decorating the tree and seeing to all the guests and their needs. Harvey is being his usual obnoxious self. Neville has (once again) forgotten to buy his wife a present. Eddie and Pattie are having a serious showdown. Rachel has invited Clive, a writer friend no one in the family knows, and, amongst all this, Bernard is involved in a chaotic rehearsal of his annual gift for the children, a sixteen-scene puppet show of The Three Little Pigs. To add to the confusion, Bernard’s wife Phyllis is in the kitchen quietly getting sloshed on the cooking wine. Then something seriously disastrous occurs…

Neville Bunker – Lewis Cook
Belinda (his wife) – Sarah Wright
Eddie (Neville’s mate) – Josh Hamer
Pattie (his Wife) – Vicki Gale
Rachel (Belinda’s sister) – Becky Sprunt
Harvey – Tony Wilds
Bernard – Neville Greenhalgh
Phyllis (his wife) – Jennie Talbot
Clive (a visiting author) – Gareth Evans

Directed by – Lloyd Parfitt
Stage Manager – Steve Bussey
Set Designer – Colin Wilson
Technical – Chris and Jonathan Thrower
Costumes – Caroline Reynolds
Props – Caroline Reynolds, Katherine Rowe, Rachel Woodier, Sarah Wyatt