An Evening of Tragedy and Comedy was presented on 4 November 2005. The evening was a great success blending together musical numbers, dance routines, sketches and plays.


Jonathan Ball – Company
Steve Bussey – Gordon (Little Grimley)
Barry Butler – Company
Sandra Butler – Company
Lewis Cook – Compere & Young Man (Crossed Signals)
Barry Foster – Ron (Life and Death)
Vicki Gale – Company
Neville Greenhalgh – Reg (Life and Death), Director (Crossed Signals)
Josh Hamer – Director (Little Grimley)
Rebecca Molloy – Company
Daniel Orford – Company
Lloyd Parfitt – Bernard (Little Grimley)
David Reynolds – Company
Katherine Rowe – Company and Choreographer (Comedy Tonight)
Becky Sprunt – Woman (Crossed Sinals)
Marie Stevenson – Director (Life and Death)
Rachel Woodier – Margaret (Little Grimley)
Sarah Wright – Joyce (Little Grinley)
Sarah Wyatt – Company

Production Director – Lloyd Parfitt
Stage Manager – Vicki Gale
Art Director – Colin Wilson
Musicians – Tony Press & Roger Noble
Technical Directors – Chris and Jonathan Thrower
Costume – Caroline Reynolds
Front of House – David & Jean Neal,David Reynolds