From the programme ………
‘Welcome to the Hethersett Village Hall and the Players Theatreland evening. We have spent an intense few weeks rehearsing for this evening and we truly hope you will enjoy our journey through the world of theatre tonight. So sit back, relax, have a drink (if you brought one !) and ‘let us entertain you, let us make you smile’!

Sarah Browne, Amy Cuenca, Vicki Gale, Emma Jermy, Emma Larkowsky, Becky Molloy, Katherine Rowe,, Marie Stevenson, Rachel Woodier, Sarah Wright, Sarah Wyatt, Jonathan Ball, Devon Boyd, Steve Bussey, Lewis Cook, Gareth Evans, Barry Foster, Neville Greenhalgh, Joe Larkowsky, Daniel Orford, Lloyd Parfitt

Production Director – Lloyd Parfitt
Musical Director – Tony Press
Choreographer – Kate Rowe
Stage Manager – David Reynolds
Front of House – David & Jean Neal
Set designer – Colin Wilson
Technical Directors – Chris and Jon Thrower
Costumes – Matt Bell & Caroline Reynolds
Pianist – Roger Noble
Box Office – Marie Stevenson